When you crest a mountain range in a vehicle, it is like looking at a pretty picture, but on motorcycle, you are in the picture, because a motorcycle just makes things different like that.

Look What You’re Missing is a documentary story that comprises thirteen episodes, each twenty-four minutes long. The series is currently in production. It features the adventures of a group of BMW bikers who explore the ‘roads less travelled’ throughout Southern Africa, on-road and off-road. Sound familiar? Maybe.  But there’s a not-so-subtle difference. Rather than emphasizing what the rider sees, it zooms in on what he/she does not see. Hence the title which is both a question and a challenge:

“Look What You’re Missing”

The team changed tact in episode five and six as they took the viewers on an all tar trip on road bikes. “How did we end up on road bikes, when we are so outspoken on our love for the lesser known roads. Well, it was part request, part challenge, part intrigue and a whole lot of hell, why not!”

So they took the viewer on an old fashioned road trip to Oudtsthoorn, exploring some parts of the longest wine route in the world, and also experience some of the most fantastic tar passes the Cape has to offer. The team came to visit us at Buffelsdrift to experience our Meerkat Safaris and to have a once in a lifetime interaction with our three Gentle Giants.

To see the full Episode of Oudtshoorn, click on the Link below:
Look what you’re missing, Episode 6