The day of the 21st October 2014 was a sad and exciting day as we said good-bye to four of our young Giraffes. At 09H00 this morning, the helicopter was in the sky and we started the darting and capturing process. After darting and running after the targeted Giraffes, they were loaded and transported successfully.. read more →

16 Sep 2014
September 16, 2014

Meerkat babies at the burrows!

Oudtshoorn, Ranger Diaries

About 3 weeks ago I did my usual afternoon routine to the meerkat family to go and wait for them to return home from their daily hunting exercise. As I drove down from the hill towards their burrows I saw a meerkat already home, sitting upright observing the area. For me it was a surprise.. read more →

All animals are amazing from birth and live in a variety of unique environments. To survive in many of these environments, animals have adapted both according to behaviour and physical attributes. You can most probably witness some of its adaptations just by looking at it – for example how it feeds, or how it moves and even.. read more →

With the sun just above the horizon, warming up the surface of the earth , I depart for my first Meerkat Safari. On our way in to the bush you can clearly smell the unique smell of the Klein Karoo. As we entered the thicket, passing a small dam on our right hand side, I could.. read more →

The firm grip of the hunter on its prey

Buffelsdrift Game Lodge gave me the chance to live my passion here in the Klein Karoo as a field guide, where one experiences so many interesting things. “A bush safari is like a lucky packet, you never know what you are going to find, you need to open that package, go out there and see.. read more →

Jessica enjoying riding Queen

2014 – New year, new beginning & new challenges! When I meet new people, people who share the same love for nature like I do, it reminds me why I am in this profession.  A recent experience I would like to share with everyone is when the Rowles-family from Switzerland accompanied me on a Horse Back.. read more →

African Fish Eagle caught its prey

The world of guiding is a very unpredictable and magnificent career. There is always a surprise around every bush; you just need to keep your eyes open look for the little things in life and the big things will surely reveal themselves. My passion for nature and my love towards wildlife started at a very.. read more →

It is a Thursday morning at 09h00. I start my day with the usual morning brief. I’ve been informed that I have a Bush Safari going out with students who have never been in the bush before… The clock announces that it is 09h30 and I’m prepared to take my group out. Although the group.. read more →

19 Aug 2013
August 19, 2013

Comparing Office Views

Oudtshoorn, Ranger Diaries

When people go to work, they go to the same office every day. Same desk, same people. When I go to work, every day produces a new experience – something different. Each day I meet new people from different countries and share the secrets of the Klein Karoo area around Oudtshoorn with them. The fun.. read more →

The continued existence of wildlife and wilderness is important to the quality of life of humans. – Jim Fowler Buffelsdrift Game Lodge’s Rangers reveal all about their experiences on the job.  Join us for an exhilarating journey, filled with excitement and knowledge as these brave rangers let us in on what’s happening behind the scenes.. read more →