I was volunteering at Buffelsdrift Game Lodge during the Easter holidays while the great Art Festival KKNK was taking place in Oudtshoorn. On the one hand it was more exciting for me, because the Lodge offered some special activities for that event. On the other hand it was more stressful for the whole staff; there.. read more →

I really enjoyed my stay at Buffelsdrift. I went there because I have a degree in zoology and I am very interested in animal management, conservation, and animal behaviour. The lodge was beautiful and all of the animals we very well taken care of. It is rare to see animals have so much free space,.. read more →

The day I arrived at Buffelsdrift Game Lodge I was blown away. As I stepped out onto the deck overlooking the dam I was taken back by the beauty. The lodge is perched on the edge of a pristine dam with hippos and fish swimming around and birds chirping. As you look off into the.. read more →

With the sun just above the horizon, warming up the surface of the earth , I depart for my first Meerkat Safari. On our way in to the bush you can clearly smell the unique smell of the Klein Karoo. As we entered the thicket, passing a small dam on our right hand side, I could.. read more →

Spending two weeks as a volunteer at Buffelsdrift Game Lodge in Oudtshoorn was a brilliant way to end my eight-week stay in South Africa. Despite it being the quiet season guest-wise, the work here has been really enjoyable… Anyone for safari? By jeep? Horse? Elephant? These opportunities brought fantastic views of the lodge and surrounding.. read more →

“Welcome to my office”, said our guide when we arrived at the lookout point in the middle of a game drive… The fresh air, the breathtaking views, the exhilarating feeling of being surrounded by wilderness; having to squint your eyes to try and spot a moving creature through the thick bush… I remember taking it.. read more →

My sister (Lynn Wagener) and I (Lora Wagener) came to Buffelsdrift for volunteering as our last stop after our 2 and a half month journey in South Africa. We came to Buffelsdrift with high hopes and they were never let down. We were immediately welcomed by everyone and couldn’t wait to get started on helping.. read more →

Two of our volunteers earlier this year made a short video documenting their expereinces with us. Thank you Brittany & Danielle for sharing this video about your experience! If you would like more information on our volunteering programme, please visit our Volunteering page. read more →

I arrived on Buffelsdrift Monday 5th of February 2012 with no idea of what was waiting for me. I was met by beautiful scenery and very nice people. During my stay of two weeks I’ve been on game drives, worked and played with the elephants and the horses. I have learned a lot about the.. read more →