When I received the phone call, inviting me to take part in a cooking show with Hayden, I was really excited – being a firm believer in sustainability as well.

We decided on a frittata because we could incorporate both the Ostrich egg and fillet in one dish and it is unique to Oudtshoorn. I was quite nervous to be in front of the camera for the first time and especially to be cooking with a Masterchef Australia contestant. I rehearsed in advance on how to smile and avoid looking into the camera. I think I lost a few kilos in the process…

The crew was absolutely professional and helpful. They guided and advised me throughout the filming, which made things a lot easier for me to focus on the dish that we were preparing. Hayden is an amazing, vibrant and exciting character. He is very passionate about his beliefs on sustainability and the environment. It was truly an honour to have the opportunity to cook with Hayden and sharing his passion for this cause. I would love to cook with him again in the future.

Working with Hayden was a great eye opener for me personally. Sustainability of our food will become a big issue. As we overpopulate and food becomes scarcer, we will have to start with sustainability in order to survive. Hayden Quinn South Africa, together with Woolworths and other sponsors, has embarked on a brilliant project in our country. He is very passionate about it and serves as a role model for our youth to be inspired in terms of sustainability of food and resources.

He is opening the eyes of chefs as well regarding sustainability. Hopefully this series will support a movement that will stop wastage and start projects such as growing and maintaining their own gardens. Sustainability is a win-win situation. Everybody gains through it and the bigger picture is that we will be able to feed more people and more people will be able to support themselves, while living much healthier lives. These type of projects will, in many communities, also create pride in what they are growing – feeding their own families and utilizing our land that is wasting away, for more worthy causes.

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