Valerie ann Enzer came to visit Buffelsdrift and decided to do a Elephant Feeding Experience with our Gentle Giants on the 7th October 2015.

This is what she had to say after her experience:

“Dear staff at buffelsdrift. This photo was taken on a visit to you. 7th october. Unbeknown to you. I was suffering intense grief and was interacting with elephant because previously when I lived in zimbabwe. I spent months in remote camps on the zambesi. I had many experiences alone with wild elephant which conveyed to me a deep sense of their inate sensitivity and intelligence. All of my life has been spent with horses

Professionally and on a daily basis with my own animals.
Shortly before my visit to you. Both of my ponies here on my mountain reserve. Died from a poison
It was unthinkeable horrific and utterly devastating. The vets could do nothing to save them as the poison was hepatotoxic I had them both here for about five years one had been abused but we formed one of those rare and unique bonds. To lose him like that was like losing a child
I send you this because the expression on this female elephants face says it all there is no doubt at all that she felt my grief
Please thank all of your elephant guards. The man with the leg brace in particular. As he is also ex Zim and I think he knew I had some emotional pain
As a person who actually once lived amongst these incredible animals. I did not think I would enjoy a captive experience
I was. In fact utterly enchanted
Thank you all

Best regards
Valerie ann Enzer”