Spider Hunting Wasp

Buffelsdrift Game Lodge gave me the chance to live my passion here in the Klein Karoo as a field guide, where one experiences so many interesting things.

“A bush safari is like a lucky packet, you never know what you are going to find, you need to open that package, go out there and see what’s in it”

Like any normal day we went out on a bush safari and everybody was excited as usual. I got to the point where I told the people about the Buffalo and the one woman noticed a Spider Hunting Wasp that was busy dragging a big spider to its nest. The poor guy had a tough time to get the spider to the nest, but eventually proved himself the victor. It’s true that dynamite comes in small packages.

These Spider Hunting Wasps will paralyze the spiders and take it to the nest where the eggs still need to hatch. When they hatch they will start to feed on the spider which give them power to grow. The guests were so interested in this wasp that all the other large animals didn’t really matter anymore. This is why I love my job – to show and educate my guests about the smaller things.

Photo credits: JD Glinester

Introducing the Ranger:      Marinè Dippenaar

Marinè is an ordinary farm girl who has lived her whole life on a farm. Although she always wanted to become a teacher, Mother Nature had her way with her career choice and she started doing a Field Guide course. The passionate way in which her course instructor educated the students about the creatures and critters of the bushveld inspired her, and a deep compelling love for nature started to bloom..