Lion Feeding Experience in Oudtshoorn

After two years of intensive preparation we received three young lions in January 2017. The negotiations with the Namibian conservationists Dr Rudie and Marlice van Vuuren from N/a’an ku sê – Conservation, started almost two years ago when the couple indicated that they would like to expand their work that they are doing in Namibia, to South Africa. The first project on the list was to relocate the three young lions from a Game farm in the Western Cape to Buffelsdrift Game Lodge with the help of Cape Nature. The cubs, approximately 9 months old, two females and one male, were relocated with the help of Dr Willem Burger, a local vet from Oudtshoorn. The cubs were welcomed on Wednesday the 4th of January at the special erected camp at Buffelsdrift. The decision to move the three lions was based on the fact that the area at the Game Farm was very small and the area at Buffelsdrift was bigger and would suit them better. These cubs were born in captivity and can therefore never be released into the wild. A portion of the funds accumulated by this is used for conservation and to support two local schools in our community

Lion Feeding

Guests will be transported in a game vehicle to the 5ha lion enclosure where they will see our lions (Shumba, Tonga and Safia) close-up from the elevated view point. A trained game ranger will feed the lions while guests view them. It is advisable to have a camera at hand. Furthermore, the game ranger will fully inform the guests regarding important aspects of lions in general.

General Guidelines:
– These are wild Lions and will not be touched or handled by humans, including the rangers.
– Maximum of 20 guests per Lion experience. Book in advance to avoid disappointment.
– Duration of the Lion viewing experience may vary depending on their behaviour (± 1-2 hours)

Bookings for our Lion Feeding Experience are via enquiry only. Call us on 044 272 000. Or email us your booking enquiry.

Daily from 13h00.

Meet our Lions

Shumba – meaning “Lion” in Shona (He is the male and the brother of the females)

Tonga – meaning “Rule” in Shona (She has the outgoing personality)

Safia – meaning ” Pure and Wise ” in Swahili (She is the shy but playful one)