19 Aug 2013
August 19, 2013

Comparing Office Views

Oudtshoorn, Ranger Diaries

When people go to work, they go to the same office every day. Same desk, same people. When I go to work, every day produces a new experience – something different. Each day I meet new people from different countries and share the secrets of the Klein Karoo area around Oudtshoorn with them.

The fun part about my job is the Bush Safaris. The jokes people tell and just the way people act when they see animals, is priceless. I once had a very interesting group of people that had never seen any animals in their lives before. They were very eager to see elephants. During my introduction I did tell them we have only tame elephants, not wild ones. Well we went out. Returning to the lodge they saw a rhino from far away. They got extremely excited about it because they thought it was an elephant. The more I tried to explain that it’s a rhino the more they thought it was an elephant. I took them to it. Then all of their faces dropped.

Or my favourite joke is about the single male giraffe. Somebody once said he has a really fun life. He can do whatever he wants when he wants to. He can hang out with any female and nobody is going to scold him about it. What a life!

Many people always confuse the black wildebeest (gnu) with buffalo. So I invented a short story to recognise the difference between them. Buffalo is like the body builders of nature, all built up with big muscles.  The wildebeest are the nerds. Thin, ugly looking things making the strangest noise ever.

We don’t just give you a drive, we also try to make it fun and entertaining. A once in a lifetime experience. On Bush Safaris you also have a good chance to see other stuff as well, more than big game. We also show you beautiful flowers, birds, insects, spiders and lots more. When you’re out there and everybody is quiet, you will hear nothing and within that moment you are experiencing nature at its best.

We always stop for drink breaks at one of our lookout points. Sometimes in the middle of nowhere between the animals or on the hills for a spectacular view. When we stop on the hills I always call it my office view. Got to admit, many people get jealous when we start comparing office views.

Guide: Johan Opperman