African Fish Eagle

The world of guiding is a very unpredictable and magnificent career. There is always a surprise around every bush; you just need to keep your eyes open look for the little things in life and the big things will surely reveal themselves.

My passion for nature and my love towards wildlife started at a very young age approximately around two years.  I can remember visiting different nature reserves around South Africa with my parents, thinking that one day I will be like these guides telling my own story and sharing my knowledge to people. Educating them on conservation and what nature can provide this generation and generations still to come.  This truly has been my dream for as long as I could breath.

Working at Buffelsdrift Game Lodge made this dream of mine come true. I am in an area where wildlife roam free and birds sing, with an open office layout – if you could call it an office. Every day also brings new people that I get to communicate and work with, truly the most interesting people from all over the world. From check-in at reception to taking them out on our unforgettable Bush Safari’s, educating them in depth about wildlife and sharing experiences. Interacting with our guests, seeing them laugh and feel relaxed while being in an environment where they can be themselves and forget about stress and work for the time being, is what make job worth while.

The environment also calms me. Just sitting in the open and seeing the different animals walk past and birds fly over. Birds are the main point that I love to observe the most. Birds are really an amazing creation of evolution; the way they are build and the way they live. The area of Buffelsdrift Game Lodge really gives you this amazing opportunity to see birds in their natural environment and observe their behaviors. It is really a nice place for birders to view some unique species indigenous to the Klein Karoo . We also have our African Fish Eagle, swooping down catching its morning meal, or our Southern Mask Weavers, building their nests right next to our restaurant. Many more species can be found like Malachite and Double Collard Sunbirds, Giant, Brown Hooded as well as Malachite King Fishers and the majestic Southern Pale Chanting Gosh Hawk snatching mice from the ground. Truly a birder’s paradise! In time the Lodge will introduce bird hides for those keen on viewing our feathered friends.

photo credit: Rainbirder via photopin cc

Introducing the Ranger:      Jaco van Zyl

Jaco is 19 years old and ready for the opportunities and experience lying before him. He is a fun social person, very open minded and always have opinions about things. When looking at him you would not say that he is a nature lover, but his heart burns bright for nature and wildlife. He always states that if you have respect for Mother Nature then she will take good care of you.