My sister (Lynn Wagener) and I (Lora Wagener) came to Buffelsdrift for volunteering as our last stop after our 2 and a half month journey in South Africa. We came to Buffelsdrift with high hopes and they were never let down. We were immediately welcomed by everyone and couldn’t wait to get started on helping out. Everyday we had a schedule of where and with whom we needed to work with. We enjoyed accompanying the game rangers on their drives, learning more about the plants and animals, and becoming a great spotter.

We also enjoyed working with the horses for the horse safaris with getting them ready for the guests and then riding them during the safaris. But our favorite part was definitely Malakika, Bolelo, and Jubary (the elephants) not only was working with the elephants an absolutely amazing experience but also working with the “elephant guys”. Not only did they make sure we were always safe and in the right position for the ellies but they made the early starts worth it. Last but not least, was the lovely kitchen staff who was always so friendly and made some extremely delicious food!

We hope to return one day and to visit Buffelsdrift just the way we left it. Thank you to everyone for making it such an amazing experience!