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August 20, 2022

Meet Nature’s Little Miracle- The Spekboom!

Meet Nature’s Little Miracle- The Spekboom!

The Karoo isn’t just home to fantastic wildlife! The diversity of microclimates and tough terrain of the Karoo breeds some of the most fascinating and diverse flora in the world. One, in particular, has the potential to be a game-changer for conservationists and nature lovers alike. Sometimes called an ‘environmental miracle’, the Spekboom is a powerful tool to help restore nature’s bounty, and the conservation team at Buffelsdrift Game Lodge are here to introduce you to this little miracle-maker.

The Pork Bush in its Glory

Despite its tongue-in-cheek local name, the spekboom is a plant everyone should know. And if you’re staying in one of our luxury tented camps, you’ll see some in the wilds around you. An indigenous evergreen, the Spekboom thrives in the semi-arid Karoo environment, taking anything life throws at it- poor soil, hot sun- in its stride.But what makes this plant so special? It’s something known as a ‘carbon sequestrator’. This means it soaks up excess carbon in the air, with a mere hectare able to pull between 4-10 tons of carbon out of the air each year. This means it works ten times harder than the rainforest itself!It’s also a tasty plant, beloved by our iconic elephants. With a crisp, clean taste, you can try it too- it fits great into salads and can even be used in stews. It’s also been used to help hydrate people safely, relieve blisters, and even provide environmentally-friendly building materials.

Plant Your Own Spekboom

The Buffelsdrift Foundation is always striving to help restore and curate the unique environment around us. We’re not just one of the most beloved private game reserves in the Cape, but we also hope to leave a legacy of ethical tourism, smart conservation, and real growth and change.That’s why we started the ‘Spekboom for Everyone’ challenge some years ago. Despite its beauty, the Karoo has been scarred by man’s economic activities in the area, like many global beauty spots. Just one Spekboom can offset the carbon emissions of an international flight to South Africa, and by returning them to the eroded and farmed-out areas of the Karoo, you can help to shape and restore this exquisite landscape for future generations.Every step towards a brighter, healthier future is one worth taking. Why not take your chance during your stay at Buffelsdrift Game lodge, and help us make a difference to the heart of Africa by planting a Spekboom with the Buffelsdrift Foundation?

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