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July 22, 2019

Winter fun for the whole family at Buffelsdrift Game Reserve

Here in the gorgeous Karoo, winter is a spectacular season. If you’ve ever wondered if you can travel to Buffelsdrift Game Reserve at this time of year, wonder no more- there’s fantastic opportunities for fun to be found!

Isn’t it cold in the Karoo in winter?

Yes, it does get chilly (for Africa, our European visitors may disagree)! However, there’s so much natural beauty at this time of year, that the cold is a small trade-off. You’ll even have the chance to see snow on the mountains. You’re also more likely to get guaranteed clear this time of year, as the Karoo falls in a summer rainfall zone. As many of the roads are dirt, this makes getting around easier too. Lastly, there’s absolutely no better time of the year for Karoo stargazing then winter- the vistas are breathtaking!Because we’re a semi-desert zone, pack a few easy-to-layer clothes, as the nights get chilly but days still are clement and warm. The coldest months in South Africa fall between May and August, although early September is notorious for a cold snap just as we think it’s warming up for Spring.

Will I see great wildlife in winter at Buffelsdrift?

Want to know a secret? Some of the best safari viewings happen during winter in South Africa! Winter, you see, brings pressures on the wildlife populations not present during the wetter growing season. Animals flock to water sources. Vegetation that can obscure your view dies back… in short, it’s prime viewing conditions! The Karoo offers superlative animal viewing all-year-round thanks to our sparser habitat, but winter adds an extra predictability to animal movements and ease of sight. Even nocturnal animals are easier to spot, as they opt to hunt earlier in the evenings when it’s brighter and less cold. How does spotting aardvarks, bat-eared foxes and even the elusive aardwolf sound? You’re sure to be wowed.Late winter also brings some joyous reminders that spring is just around the corner. You’ll see mating displays from bucks and prime males, and spot a pregnant doe or two waiting for the warm-weather arrival of their little ones.

Is there still fun for the whole family in the Karoo in winter?

The best thing about travelling with a family to the Karoo in winter is the lack of crowds. AfrikaBurn, the African continent’s Burning Man, does roll into town in early winter, but other than that, this is the quieter tourism season. Yet the noted friendliness and vibrancy of the Karoo remains. Flourishing farmers markets, wine tours and culinary experiences are on every corner. Several local festivals, from art to music, run during winter. And with less pressure from the heat and surrounding people, the whole family can relax and have fun.Buffelsdrift Game Reserve is a hive of activity year-round, and winter is no different! Bring the whole family for some classic Karoo vibes, excellent safari viewing and plenty of fun at every turn.

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