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September 18, 2020

2 scintillating day packages to reinvigorate your spirits this summer

Summer fun is in the air- but with the latest lockdown struggles, it might not feel like it. While the sun is tickling the landscape once again, and the delightful smell of summer is on the wind, it’s time to rediscover fun and adventure with Buffelsdrift Game Lodge and these scintillating day packages.

Unwind for the weekend on a Bush Safari

This exciting weekend treat will let you experience our largest residents up close and personal, as well as enjoy the very best the bush has to offer. It’s even super family-friendly, too, so don’t hesitate to bring the little ones along!Our morning package features a brisk drive through the waking bush, with a chance to spot the wildlife at play. Summer in the bush is always an invigorating experience, with babies at play alongside their mother’s as they learn the ways of the wild. Our Afternoon package’s drive is timed perfectly to catch the animals as late afternoon drives them to the cool of the waterholes. Regardless of which package you take, you’ll finish off the adventure with an elephant feeding. Not only will you get a chance to experience these unique, gentle giants firsthand, but our knowledgeable handler will open your eyes to a whole new world of fascinating elephant facts. With a tasty lunch to seal the deal, what’s not to enjoy?

Walk on the wild side with lion feeding

The cycle of predator and prey is one of the most fascinating and majestic aspects of the bush- and you will have a chance to experience it firsthand. Not only will you get to share a gentle bonding moment with our gorgeous trio of ellies, but you can experience the contrast as you admire our lion pride from a special vantage. A trained ranger will handle their feeding as they are fully wild, but you’ll want to have your camera on hand to capture the spectacle. The lion is the iconic King of the Bush, and our experts will ensure you leave with no fact unturned about these fascinating cats. Again, you can swap stories as you enjoy a tasty lunch.With these delightful day packages to enjoy, it’s time to get your adventure on! Book with Buffelsdrift Game Lodge today to ensure you don’t miss out.

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