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January 15, 2019

3 delectable Buffelsdrift dishes you have to try today

No experience at Buffelsdrift Game Reserve would be complete without a hearty meal at our welcoming restaurant. We’re justifiably proud of all our dishes at the reserve- and we can guarantee you’ll feel the loving touch of our skilled chefs in each and every one. Being a proudly South African experience, however, we do have a few favourites that fully express our heritage and culture- and we’re here to share them with you today.

1. Giant Mushroom, Camembert and Phyllo Parcels

The giant mushroom holds a special place in the heart of every South African. Typically seen as ideal braai fare when cooked at home, they’re the perfect way for vegetarians and meat lovers alike to enjoy a healthy, hearty- and tasty- veggie addition to this classic South African pastime. In honour of this spirit, Buffelsdrift has re-invented the humble mushroom with a classic hauté-cuisine spin. Paired with the gooey creaminess of camembert cheese and tucked in a crunchy phyllo pastry parcel, this succulent, indulgent starter is the perfect blend of hominess and elegance, and the ideal way to kick off your feast in our restaurant.

2. Marinated Ostrich Salad

Whether you’re trying to eat a little more healthily, just fancy something light, or are looking for a truly novel taste sensation, this salad is bound to tick all your boxes. After all, you can’t come to the Karoo and not taste some ostrich! This heavenly salad is lovingly constructed from fresh greens, delectable figs and salty feta cheese. We add thinly sliced ostrich steak, flame-grilled to perfection and marinated overnight in bay and paprika, and top it with our very own special coriander, peppadew and lemon oil dressing. This carefully curated taste sensation is sure to have your taste buds tingling, and it’s the perfect way to celebrate the spirit of the Karoo on your plate.

3. Traditional South African Bobotie

The traditional Cape Malay bobotie is another dish you simply can’t miss out on. Influenced by the Indian roots of the Cape Malay people, yet infused with their own special South African flavour, this classic dish consists of a coarsely chopped venison, cooked to succulent perfection then baked in a fragrant spice-infused cream and egg topping. Don’t worry, it isn’t too hot even for sensitive palettes! We at Buffelsdrift serve it with a traditional brown rice base and crunchy papadums, complete with famous South African dried fruit chutney to seal the deal. You’ll be in love from the first bite!While these three tasty dishes give you the perfect blend of South African tastes and international quality, there’s a ton of other delicious offerings for you to try at the Buffelsdrift Game Reserve restaurant. Why not make a day of it and bring the whole family along? Remember- come hungry!

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