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October 12, 2018

Buffelsdrift, cheetahs and you: a match made in heaven

It’s no secret that we here at Buffelsdrift Game Reserve believe that conservation should be a critical focus for all reserves like ours. We’re doing our part with the Endangered Wildlife Trust to help keep the cheetah- one of Africa’s most iconic land animals- running freely in the veldt… and here’s how you can help too.The Endangered Wildlife Trust isn’t just about animals- it’s about the very meaning of being a South African. After all, the preservation of our ecological heritage is enshrined in the constitution as a right for everyone. The EWT work tirelessly to help balance the needs of nature mesh perfectly with our modern lives- from promoting sustainable products in stores and helping farmers and rural people keep their lands safe without the loss of wildlife heritage, right through to education programs in schools and funding wildlife programs. They even help equip people with disabilities for a long, healthy and productive life in their communities.It’s no surprise, however, that EWT have become involved in the plight of the cheetah. While remaining a safari favourite, the cheetah population has dwindled dramatically in recent years, and 76% of the territory they used to call home has seen them disappear entirely. South Africa, as the cheetah’s remaining stronghold on the continent and proud home to the 3rd largest wild population in the wild, is uniquely positioned to help address this crisis… but even SA can only boast 4500 adults.Two parks hold 42% of the remaining animals- the Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park and the iconic Kruger- and Buffelsdrift is uniquely positioned with the Kruger right on our doorstep. When the EWT came to us with their Cheetah Metapopulation project, of course, we were keen to get on board.Want to know more about this critical wildlife issue, the Cheetah Metapopulation Project and Buffelsdrift Game Reserve’s unique part in all of this? Stay tuned for our next exciting post!

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