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July 31, 2019

A letter from the Buffelsdrift Rangers

World Ranger Day 31 July 2019

  • A day of remembrance and celebration of the men and women who fight hard to protect and serve the natural environment.

As a Ranger one should feel honoured, standing proud in our Khaki’s protecting and educating the people about the environment. Firstly, I would like to thank the Rangers who have given everything for the line of duty. Everyone at Buffelsdrift Game Lodge thank you for your bravery. Leaving your footprints behind to help guide the rest of us, we hope to serve and protect as you once did.What do you need to become a Ranger

  • You need a great love for the outdoors and bad weather.
  • The patience to help guests appreciate the natural beauty around them
  • Most importantly, your heart needs to be in the right place. Having the passion for the job makes it all worth it.

Safaris are classrooms for Rangers. This is where Rangers can educate on conservation topics and not just speak about plants and animals. Their job is a 24hour job and the work never stops. But taking care of the environment makes it all worthwhile.Exciting moments such as game captures and assisting the wildlife Vet with a giraffe darting happens from time to time and this keeps our job interesting.Us game rangers live for the moment. Like being chased by an elephant, having that year-round tan and the smile and appreciation from guests. Being able to breathe in the clean fresh air and enjoying a cup of coffee with fellow colleagues at day break, is how we want to start our days for the rest of our lives.

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