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January 30, 2018

A safari with a different flavour

We all know the iconic images of a classic African Safari at Buffelsdrift Game Lodge… Lions sleeping in the trees, elephants cautiously coming to the water to drink. It’s time to shake up your expectations and introduce you to a new and unique- yet most definitely and iconically South African- safari that’s sure to make your friends jealous [and your heart melt a little].Enter the Meerkat.These adorable yet sometimes ferocious creatures- Meerkat will gladly take on snakes which enter their burrows, and usually win- are as iconic to the South African wilderness as their larger cousins. No trip to South Africa would be complete without a Meerkat spotting or two. Come out with us at dawn as they cautiously emerge from their group burrows, ready to bask in the cooler morning air before heading about their daily business, and have your heart stolen by one of nature’s most adorable wild animals.Loosely related to the mongoose, Meerkat are social foraging animals well adapted to the harsh dryness of the Little Karoo, which is why you see them in such plentitude here. Living in strong family units, you’ll have a chance to see their remarkable family bonds up close and personal [although guests will remain in the vehicle for their own safety, as not only are the Meerkat colonies fully wild, but many of the other animals on the reserve are also active at this time].Buffelsdrift Game Lodge is part of an extensive research program on these remarkable little mammals, with volunteers regularly gathering critical data to be used to help ensure the species’ continued survival and aid our greater understanding of their needs, habits and environment as well as their impact on the world around us.Come experience the smallest African safari in the world, and meet the Meerkats of Buffelsdrift up close and personal- you’ll never look at the bush the same way again!

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