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June 20, 2019

Every Buffesldrift experience should include a night game drive

Night game drives don’t get the love and attention of the ‘normal’ safari drives, yet they can play a key role in magnifying your bush experience. We at Buffelsdrift Game Reserve know how much value and splendour a night safari drive can add to your time on the reserve. Here are the secrets you didn’t know about night game drives, and why one should be part of every safari.

What’s so special about night game drives?

After-dark game drives offer the intrepid safari-goer something truly special. All the game drives at Buffelsdrift Game Reserve are specially timed to ensure you have the maximum viewing potential from the experience, of course. Our summers here in Oudtshoorn get very, very hot! During the middle daylight hours, this means animals are lethargic. They’re seeking shade and comfort to cool off. An early morning or evening drive, of course, means you’ll instead see them busy and active before the long, hot day ahead, or as the falling dusk brings relief. That’s fantastic! So why opt for a night drive too? Doesn’t the dark interfere with the experience?Not at all! A key part of the vast animal wealth of Africa is our many nocturnal animals. While you may just be lucky enough to spot night-predators coming home from the hunt on a morning drive, it’s rare to see many of these key species while it’s light outside. And rarer still to see the hunt itself.Still not sure?Imagine padding through the darkening night to your vehicle. You see a flash of eyes in the bush- predator or prey? Our skilled guides will be able to tell! Is the hunt on? Explosive action could well be at hand!But it’s not all about the hunt. It’s a unique chance to experience the realities of the bush firsthand. To kill the engine and let the sounds of the wild slowly lull you. Night game drives heighten the sense of intimacy and experience on safari. You’ll have a chance to put down the camera and truly experience the bush around you. In short, they add a little extra magic to the way you experience Africa and her animals.

How do night tours work?

Night tour guides use animal-friendly red flashlights to identify the glistening eyes surrounding you in the bush. You have the same chances of spotting the animals you’ll see during daylight, as well as the added chance for an encounter with unique nocturnal populations. Night drives are a key feature you have to experience if you’re hoping for ‘predator action’, as this is when many of the larger predators forage for food. You’ll also have a chance to spot rare creatures like aardvarks and porcupines little seen in daylight, as well as small animal life like chameleons, bats and more.While a night drive is obviously not the best way to get Instagram-worthy photo shots, it’s a magical, almost surreal experience that will deepen the vibe you get from your safari with us. If you want to get the utmost from your safari with Buffelsdrift Game Reserve, be sure to reserve a night drive with us- and let the magic of Africa tingle your senses.

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