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October 29, 2018

Buffelsdrift leads the charge in cheetah conservation

When we last left off, we had taken a deep look at the plight of the cheetah globally, and EWT’s exciting new Cheetah Metapopulation Project. What does this have to do with the team at Buffelsdrift Game Reserve, however? Keep reading to find out our latest exciting news!Through the assistance of smaller reserves, EWT’s programs and education efforts, and with the cooperation of local farming populations, we’ve seen cheetah become a feature on many smaller reserves throughout the country. These small reserves, however, simply can’t support the sort of long-term population it would require to make a dent in the cheetah’s risky extinction status. Enter the EWT’s latest exciting conservation effort: The Cheetah Metapopulation Project.The idea is simple: help coordinate the lives of these small populations on private reserves throughout the country. Using an overarching strategy, these smaller populations can thus contribute meaningfully to the long-term viability; genetic diversity and conservation efforts for the cheetah through careful management and oversight. Each population pocket may not be much in itself, but together the effect could be mighty.Buffelsdrift is proud to be one of the reserves leading the charge on this exciting new venture. We are super-excited to announce that we will be playing home to two wild-roaming cheetahs on the reserve. Collared with VHF devices to make tracking and caring for them easier, the pair will be allowed to enjoy all the beauty of life on the reserve while being carefully monitored by the program as well as our skilled teams. Through the overarching efforts of the project, future generations will be relocated to other reserves to help promote clean, strong bloodlines and prevent inbreeding, all while contributing meaningfully to population numbers. Our two cheetahs will even find themselves TV-famous, as they’re set to be filmed as part of the Namibian Green television program to be headed by Drs Rudie and Marlice van Vuuren.Keen to meet the new additions? Be sure to plan your Buffelsdrift Game Reserve experience today.

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