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March 17, 2018

Stargazing and trailblazing at Buffelsdrift Game Lodge

Nowhere in the world does the sky unfold as cleanly and as beautifully as it does in the Klein Karoo. If you’re looking for a spectacular starlight experience in African big sky country, then you simply have to come stargazing with the Buffelsdrift Game Lodge team.From the source of folk legends to a means to navigate, the twinkling stars above us have long been a part of our human hearts. Some claim the skies are brighter and more starlit here in the Southern Hemisphere, and when you look up from Buffelsdrift you might just believe them! There’s certainly many fascinating stellar sights that you can’t access from the North, and the stories that have formed around them are decidedly different too. Here Orion’s famous belt becomes the three great zebra of the KhoiKhoi and u/Wasi people, the male flanked by his two loyal females as they stand ever vigilant in the hunt for danger.Naturally, the Southern Cross is a highlight of any stargazing experience. Alpha Crucis, it’s brightest star, is actually a triple star system far larger and brighter than our own sun, flanked by three other powerful stars. The san bushmen of Basotho-land saw the cross as a giraffe with neck outstretched, while the Zulu people instead call the Southern Cross the tree of life.Whenever your eye ventures, you see the scattered stars of the glittering Milky Way as it unfolds above you, our very home and galaxy and source of endless mythology. Almost 14 billion years old, this spectacular star trail unfolds across the night sky, perhaps the guiding trail of wood ash that the bushmen believe, or the smoke of old fires as per the Pokomo of East Africa. Whatever myth you listen to, it’s certainly home.Rich in legend, shimmering in promise...there’s no wonder the stars above us capture our hearts and minds so much. Come take a 1 hour celestial safari with Buffelsdrift Game Lodge, and learn more about the solar system, stars and planets unfolding above you.

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