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May 22, 2019

Take a walk on the wild side with Africa’s smallest safari!

When you imagine an African Safaris, we’re betting the first thing that springs to mind is the Big 5 and time spent in an open-topped cross-country vehicle. While you’ll have every chance for an exciting traditional safari here at Buffelsdrift Game Lodge, why not add a little something different to your travel experience this time? We offer our super-special meerkat safaris throughout the winter season, and there’s plenty for young and old alike to enjoy.

What on earth is a meerkat?

The meerkat is ‘Africa’s mongoose’. It’s a member of the mongoose family, or ‘suricates’. This unique little creature may look like a classic mongoose, but they’re only found here in Africa. They favour semi-desert and arid climates, which makes our native Karoo perfect for them.They look adorable, especially the way the coordinate in large family groups. They’re still a creature to be reckoned with, however. These tiny beasts will use the power of teamwork to tackle (and often kill) threatening scorpions and snakes. The South African landscape, especially here in the Karoo, simply wouldn’t be the same without them.

Why does Buffelsdrift Game Lodge offer meerkat safaris?

No trip to South Africa would be complete without a meerkat encounter. Sadly, they can be seen as a pest, so they’re not always welcomed on farming land or other places rich in human activity. That’s why Buffelsdrift, as part of our extensive conservation efforts, have joined up to be part of a meerkat research program running in the area. With this key data collection, we’re able to ensure these tiny treasures remain part of the landscape for generations to come. It helps us better understand their needs, habits and interactions with the environment.

What will I experience on a meerkat safari? Will I pet a meerkat?

Meerkats may look cute, but they are wild animals! You won’t be petting any meerkats on your meerkat safari. Guests will remain with their vehicle for their own safety, as meerkats aren’t the only creatures roaming the reserve. Believe us- the experience will be one of a lifetime, however. We’ll be heading out on a dawn adventure. Your ranger will meet you in the Lookout Lounge as you munch on early-morning snacks to fortify you. You’ll then head out to the vehicle to be taken out the burrows. Of course, there will be plenty of chances to spot other animals on the drive! Once in position, you’ll have a personal peek at the fascinating world of these tiny, ferocious, yet family-loving little creatures, while your ranger keeps you entertained and informed.Take Africa’s small safari challenge- come experience a meerkat safari with the knowledgeable rangers of Buffelsdrift Game Reserve this winter.

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