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September 3, 2020

Stay safe and enjoy your local getaways

Some of the best news SA has seen for a long while is that we’re finally free to travel again. Whether you’re planning a sizzling local getaway to Buffelsdrift Game Lodge right now, or still hoping for a fun December holiday with the family, we know that keeping your loved ones safe without losing out on the fun is your primary concern. That’s why we have these 4 authority-approved tips to help you lower your risk no matter where you travel.

Plan smartly

The very first step to a safer holiday lies in choosing your destination wisely. Head for locations with lower infection rates (and lower population density overall). Avoid COVID ‘hot spots’, and places where there will be throngs of people who might act as asymptomatic carriers. Fortunately, there’s nothing better than a bush getaway for enjoying some safe, socially-distant fun without crowds around you!

Take it seriously- and make sure your holiday provider does, too

The government has issued strict guidelines on how hospitality and vacation spots can operate to keep their consumers safe. It’s important you make sure your holiday partners- from the tour bus to the accommodation- are on board and compliant. Staff should be able to answer questions about the precautions they have in place, and you’ll probably find info on their websites, too. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about things like mask usage and the checking of temperatures or availability of sanitizer.It’s important you buy into the attempts to stay safe, too. We know you’re on holiday, and we’re all a bit burned out on COVID right now, but stay compliant, wear your masks, use hand sanitizer and let’s all get back to living life large safely.

Don’t be afraid to be fussy- but have compassion too

Everyone has their own health to worry about and their own levels of comfort- so don’t be afraid to stay within yours. It doesn’t matter what a stranger thinks- it’s about what makes you feel safe and happy. If that’s asking for unneeded ‘luxury’ items that are unlikely to be sanitary (like throw pillows or decor) to be removed from your room, then go ahead. If that means wiping down your tour bus seat, door handle or plane seat with a sanitary wipe, be our guest. If you’d rather skip out on a room clean so as not to have a stranger in your accommodation, simply say so.However, it’s also important to remember that we’re all in the same boat of stress and uncertainty right now, so try to be kind. Maintaining your compassion while enforcing your boundaries will help ensure a safe holiday for everyone.

Let technology lend a hand

Technology has stepped into the gap to help us still connect with others while keeping ourselves safe. From digital menus to contactless check-in, smart tech use is a great way to keep the warm feelings of real human contact but keep risks to a minimum. Apps and email offer a great way to communicate without face-to-face risks.The same goes when planning how to get to your destination. Public transit, train, plane and car all have their pros and cons when it comes to exposure risk. While almost every form of transport provider is doing their best to balance the restrictions of operating with their passengers’ health, this ultimately will be a decision you need to make for yourself. Overall, travelling by car with members of your family is likely to be your safest route. While it’s not ideal for every holiday or location, it’s the perfect way to come visit us on the reserve!No matter where life takes you, you can take positive steps to stay Corona-free! Not only is the bush safari iconic to South Africa, it’s also possibly one of the most contactless ways to travel and have fun without significantly altering how you enjoy your vacation, so perhaps now is the time to Look Local and enjoy a holiday close to home. The team at Buffelsdrift Game Lodge looks forward to welcoming you home soon.

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