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May 8, 2020

COVID-19 & Conservation

The effect of Covid-19 on wildlife conservation Dear Buffelsdrift Supporter The world seems to have come to a standstill. The new COVID-19 virus has changed our lives and forced the uncertainty of the future on us. Lockdowns and social distancing have brought world economics to a halt as businesses and firms closed to inhibit the spread of the virus. Many of these businesses include conservation and tourism properties like Buffelsdrift Game Lodge that rely on funds derived from tourism. With the severe drought that continues in our area and income that is restricted, it has become a financial challenge for conservation to continue, especially towards wildlife conservation.

As many of you know, Buffelsdrift Game Lodge is the proud custodians of three orphaned elephants. They were orphaned when their parents were poached in the Northern part of South-Africa. Our elephants therefore come from circumstances that if we did not intervene, they would not be alive today. We did not choose this life for them, but we instead decided to save them and give them the best possible life within our means with the necessary love and care. Malaika, Jabari and Bulelo rely on us for their well-being and safety as they can't fend for themselves.


COVID-19 has halted crucial tourism funding, the engine that drives conservation projects and the welfare of the three elephants at Buffelsdrift Game Lodge. It is imperative that our conservation effort towards these three elephants are maintained and therefore, the Buffelsdrift Foundation has embarked on a mission to assist these three elephants during this challenging time. Buffelsdrift Foundation will contribute to the means of buying the much-needed food for the elephants. It is financially a challenge as these elephants have a special diet that consists of a variety of fruits, vegetables and huge Black wattle branches which are transported from forestry areas in the vicinity. All this comes at an enormous financial cost.The Buffelsdrift Foundation is a non-profit organisation and relies on donations from the national and international communities to sustain our efforts towards wildlife conservation. We all are in a time of uncertainty, but contributions towards the Buffelsdrift Foundation are more crucial than ever before. Buffelsdrift Foundation needs your help to succeed in the mission to assist with the much-needed food for Malaika, Jabari and Bulelo. We thank you for your support towards wildlife conservation. Buffelsdrift Foundation managementFor more information on our conservation projects please visit or email arrie@buffelsdriftfoundation.orgBuffelsdrift Foundation banking detailsAccount name: Buffelsdrift FoundationTrust Account number: 93-3996-9629Branch code: 632005Swift Code: ABSA ZA JJ

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