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October 2, 2022

Family Holidays

Family Holidays: The Perfect Way to Bond

The end of the year is creeping ever closer, and your mind is probably turning to vacations and ways to celebrate the holidays. In a world where hot young bodies travelling the world and posting epic pictures to Instagram has become the norm, the idea of travelling, let alone with kids, can seem daunting indeed. Holidays are seen as a luxury, not the necessity they are. Did you know that even science backs the idea that a ‘break away from it all’ is mandatory to stay stable and happy? And family bonding is becoming more important than ever before as hectic schedules and digital devices pull us apart. Luckily, you have Buffelsdrift Game Lodge to help!

Why Family Travel Matters

We get it. It’s late in the year. Right about now, the idea of carting the kid along on vacation probably doesn’t seem like a break away from it all, does it? In fact, it may just feel like a chance to yell at the kids and all stare at screens in a different location!But we weren’t lying when we said even science supports the need for a chance to escape, unplug, and bond. Those who make no time for self-care and stepping away from the regular rat race find themselves at higher risk for heart disease, strokes, and heart attacks. It’s time to see your annual break as a necessity, not a luxury.Plus, it is no secret that we’ve grown apart as family units. Does this sound familiar? You and your partner catching up on late-night work or those out-of-hours emails while the kids slave away at homework or entertain themselves online? Vacations are a great way to carve out some device-free time that allows everyone to disconnect, rejuvenate, and focus on what really matters- your loved ones. Everyone needs a legacy of happy memories you can treasure long after the vacation is over! It’s cliche to say you can’t get the time back when it’s gone, but it’s also true. Adding fresh vibes, new adventures, and fantastic locales is a great way to make those ever-present devices less appealing and bring everyone together in a happy mood. Plus a fantastic opportunity to rekindle the lost romance between you two, away from chores and stress, as well!Talking about mood, life is hard. Having something to anticipate, plan, and look forward to is essential to help us find the fire we need to get through the daily grind. And your time on holiday is the perfect way to combat burnout and help you ‘reset’ your attitude to the healthy, positive one you’d prefer, instead of the stressed-out wreck, snappy you’ve become.Time away from it all is one of the best ways to get the space you need for perspective and resetting your priorities. Especially in the ancient landscape and exquisite surrounds of the peaceful African bush.

Rediscover Love, Family, and Yourself in the African Bush

Immersed in the ancient landscape of the Karoo, surrounded by one of the most spectacular, pristine natural landscapes in the world, you’ll feel your cares melt away. Let the high, open blue sky carry away your stress, while the wealth of fun activities available at Buffelsdrift brings you all closer to each other. Laugh, love, and live it up watching the gentle herbivores and hippos at play in the watering hole, experience the majesty of nature’s beauty on an authentic African safari, or just kick back and relax at the Buffelsdrift spa or in your luxury tented encampment. There’s plenty to keep the kids on-the-go and engaged in a safe, immersive learning environment, so there will be plenty of time for bonding as a couple and a family both. Conveniently located along the Garden Route- one of the most beautiful areas of South Africa- you can explore the surroundings, take our heritage walk, or head out to the ostrich farms, Cango Caves, and so much more. Plus the Karoo is famed for its farm-fresh, delicious produce and amazing wines and spirits, many of which you can sample at the Buffelsdrift Restaurant!It’s time to reignite your fire and passion with a family vacation to Buffelsdrift Game Lodge. Our helpful staff are always on hand to ensure you have the best possible experience, so don’t be shy to reach out today!

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