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March 4, 2019

Keep the taps running freely: save water during your time in the Karoo

It’s no secret that the Karoo is a dry place. Officially classed as a semi-desert environment, water has always been an important topic here. In recent years, with the advent of one of the worst droughts we’ve ever seen in the area, it’s become one of the most critical debates around. Droughts don’t only adversely affect people- they’re also one of the largest killers of our already threatened wildlife. You may be wondering what you can do to help avert the crisis? So, today, Buffelsdrift Game Reserve has our top tips to help you help us conserve water during your time here.

Opt for ethical providers

Not to toot our own horn, but Africa is a land where ethical tourism like ours is essential. Make sure all your service providers- like Buffelsdrift Game Reserve- have measures in place to help conserve water as well as boost local populations and economies. This will give you the peace of mind of knowing your travel is sustainable, earth-kind and supportive.Conservation matters even in areas you may not initially think of. Have you ever considered the water used to rinse off your rental car, for instance? Many Capetonian providers have made great strides to achieve the same great results without water wastage- why not consider supporting them?

Be careful of your own usage

It’s tempting to forget our values when we head out on holiday. Where we may have stuck with a 5-minute shower at home, we turn it into an hour-long sauna session. Yet one of the most profound things you can do for our delicate environment here in Africa is use water mindfully. Do your towels really need laundering every day, or could you get another use out of them? Can you opt for a quick shower instead of a long bath? And remember that the little things count immensely too- don’t run the tap as you brush your teeth. Make sure the faucet shuts properly. If you spot a leaky toilet or dripping tap, close it (or let a staff member know it needs attention). Step by step, and drop by drop, our actions can make a difference.

Be mindful in the kitchen

While you’ll likely be using our fabulous restaurant while on the reserve, if any part of your holiday in the area features self-catering accommodation, you can tighten up water usage here too. Don’t run half-full dishwashers or part loads of laundry. Don’t use the drip method to defrost your food- rather pop it in the refrigerator overnight. Wash dishes in a bowl of water rather than under a running tap. Every little step helps.

Avoid single-use

You may not think of the bottle of water in your hand as a key part of the fight- but it is! Single-use drinking bottles need up to 6 times the water they hold to produce. Our drinking water in South Africa is perfectly potable and safe- so why not invest in one of our locally made reusable bottles instead? And rather than just tossing away your un-drunk water at days end, rather find a plant or tree to empty it over.Every drop saved helps at present. We hope these top tips for water conservation from Buffelsdrift Game Reserve will help you help us keep the taps running and our wildlands preserved for future generations.

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