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August 3, 2022

Delectable Delights at the Buffelsdrift Watering Hole

Delectable Delights at the Buffelsdrift Watering Hole

No trip through South Africa is complete without enjoying the tasty local cuisine! Whether you’re brand new to the country, or a local on holiday, our delicious foods and the many cultures that inspire them are a key part of the authentic South African experience. Buffelsdrift Game Lodge is more than just an African game lodge, we’re also a proud Karoo private game reserve pleased to bring you some of the best authentic Karoo cuisine. If you’re looking for a unique Bushveld taste experience, you’ve come to the right place!

Enjoying the Breadbasket of South Africa

The Karoo is home to farm-fresh, delicious treats despite the semi-arid landscape around us. Here you’ll find everything from premium wines and the vines that produce them, to tart cheeses, delicious veggies, and grass-raised herds. Our dedicated chefs bring them all to life!

The burger patty was made to perfection. The combination of meat and spices was mouth-watering. Further it is not dry but rather succulent in nature. Further they are not shy on their bacon and caramelised onions, making the burger worth every penny. The chips were crispy, well spiced and fluffy on the inside. What you would expect from a 5 star hotel. The salad was a great add on and you can see that there was effort placed in the salad.

Trip Advisor

We try to reflect that delicious variety in the Restaurant at Buffelsdrift. Sample what you fancy from our a-la-carte menu, and let the heart of the Karoo explode on your tongue. Enjoy our delicious breakfast buffet before 10am, or enjoy some lighter meals and snacks during the afternoon. Vegetarians will find plenty to delight them, too, much of it grown on our own farm or in the local vicinity, so don’t be shy!

The restaurant overlooks the watering hole, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to enjoy the gorgeous views, watch hippos at play, and otherwise embrace the spirit of the bush, too.

We decided to have the lamb neck and the beef fillet with mushroom sauce and both were absolutely delicious! The lamb fell from the bone, while the beef fillet

could be cut with a butter knife. The caramelised onion mash was really, really tasty and the veggies perfectly cooked. The portion size was also generous. Dessert was the chocolate volcano pudding with ice cream and berry coulis which was lovely, but not overly sweet.

~aeronams, Tripadvisor

What Wines Does Buffelsdrift Offer?

No great meal would be complete without some fantastic wines, so we also offer an award-winning selection of the Route 62 wines.

Route 62 is the longest wine route in South Africa, spanning Montagu to the Outeniqua, and the Karoo home-bred wines are some of the most diverse. With so many unique microclimates, fertile mountain soil, and hardy conditions, a fantastic selection of wines can be made here. Think anything from fortified and dry wines to potstil brandies, in fact! It doesn’t matter what you like, be it a complex wine like a Muscadel, a crisp and clean white, a lush red, or even a port, there’s plenty to discover on our wine list.

It’s time to taste the Karoo with some of the best, most authentic South African cuisine available. No trip to Buffelsdrift Game Lodge would be complete without a proper culinary experience, so whether it’s our flame-grilled meats, our succulent veggies, or a sweet treat (or two), be sure to come experience the full hospitality and great taste of the Karoo with us!

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