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May 7, 2018

A winter wonderland awaits in the Karoo

Winter may conjure up images of huddling under blankets and snow piled high, especially for our American and European fans, but winter in the Klein Karoo can be an absolute delight, and today Buffelsdrift Game Lodge will show you exactly why. From our stately elephants to the magic of the landscape, the Klein Karoo in winter is a must-see for any visitor.While the Western Cape technically inhabits a winter rainfall zone, the Little Karoo stays relatively dry throughout the season. The occasional rainfall brings refreshing moisture to our rather dry land, leaving everything fresh and revived. In fact, the whole season brings an invigorating feel to the area- while temperatures can climb into the low forties [Celsius] in summer, winter drops to a much more clement average of 18 degrees during the day. Overnight temperatures can get a little nippy, but that's just a good excuse to cuddle up with a roaring fire and some delectable hot chocolate!Then, of course, there's the mornings that follow. You’ll need a light jacket, and maybe a scarf to finish the look, but the experience that awaits will be worth every puff of breath in the cold, still air. Dark will surround you, adding to the thrill as you set off on your first safari of the day. The sounds of the bush beginning to stir will envelope you. Animals sleepily head to their daylight routines, while the nocturnal hunters slink back to their dens, full of the night’s successful hunting. Spot lion basking in the first weak sunlight, and elephants as they ramble past like the stately kings of the reserve. Each picture is magic, the occasional frost highlighting the delicate flora around you, every animal touched with the magic glow of winter sun. You’ll be reminded why National Wildlife Day, celebrated 4th September, was founded to celebrate this magical diversity of South Africa’s animals. The memory of chilly fingers- easily soothed by a hot cup of coffee- will pale alongside the wonderland around you. You’ll wonder why you even considered coming in summer!If you venture off-reserve, Ceres offers a chance to maybe catch a rare South African snowfall, but we doubt the magic of the reserve itself will let you escape. Stalk elephants in the rising dawn [remember Elephant Appreciation Day is coming on 22 September, so you’re going to need to get that perfect shot to share], or spot leopard as they settle down for a day’s rest. Whatever you do, let Buffelsdrift Game Reserve make you magical winter safari memories today!

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