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July 3, 2021

Experience Africa. Experience the Cheetah

Where would Africa be without her iconic cheetahs? It’s a question the Buffelsdrift Game Lodge team never wants to see answered. We pride ourselves not only on being one of the best private game reserve experiences our visitors will ever experience, but also a cornerstone of conservation efforts throughout South Africa. We hope the captivating beauty of the Karoo lives on forever- and we put action behind that hope. That’s why we’re so proud to bring you the cheetah experience of a lifetime.

Ethical conservation- the cornerstone of the Buffelsdrift experience

Harmony between man and nature. Doesn’t it sound wonderful? The idea that we could make a real difference in the African landscape, and help preserve our remarkable corner of the Karoo in her beauty for generations to come, is precisely why we established the Buffelsdrift Foundation.Sadly, despite its iconic status among safari visitors, the African cheetah is listed as a vulnerable species, and free-roaming populations are in decline. Farmers often find themselves in conflict with these gorgeous animals, which hunt among the herdsWe were delighted to be offered the chance to become part of EWT’s free-roaming cheetah meta-population project. After all, much of the foundation’s focus is on rewilding the Karoo, and having these iconic predators back roaming their homelands is something that brings great joy to the whole team.

The experience of a lifetime awaits

Picture yourself, with your knowledgeable guide, deep in the heart of the African bush. Slowly, quietly, you’ll move through the bush, tracking one of the most beautiful predators in the world on foot. Your careful care will be rewarded with sightings of an animal few ever get to experience, roaming wild and free exactly as nature intended.Cheetahs have been notoriously difficult to aid through conservation efforts, because they roam so far and wide territorially. Many smaller African game lodge’s simply don’t have the space for a sustainable cheetah population. Through the project, however, and smart monitoring of cheetah populations, we’re instead able to allow small pockets of cheetah conservation through a network of partner reserves, including Buffelsdrift Game Lodge. This way, they can be monitored, genetic inbreeding can be avoided, but they can be maintained as a wild population.Come walk on the wild side on a unique real-time predator experience like no other. Not only will you be helping us sustain one of Africa’s most iconic predators, but an adventure like no other awaits you! Book your Buffelsdrift Game Lodge free-roam cheetah experience today, and embrace Africa as your own.

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