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February 22, 2019

How to be the very best tourist possible during your time at Buffelsdrift Game Reserve

Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.

These gentle words some up the tourist ideal perfectly. Today, we’re all well aware that if our children and their children are to have a natural world to enjoy at all, it’s up to us to make changes today. But how can you balance that need to conserve our precious wildlife and your time on Buffelsdrift Game Reserve? Here’s our top tips to help you be the very best, eco-conscious tourist possible during your time in Africa.

1. Save

From water to waste, everything you use can have an impact on the environment around you. Take advantage of the recycling facilities, and make sure you toss your rubbish in a designated container, so wildlife isn’t trapped or choked by a carelessly discarded wrapper. Turn off the lights when you leave your room, and make sure taps are properly shut when you’re done. Water is a constant worry in a dry land like Africa. You’d be surprised how quickly these tiny little savings add up to help us conserve the future, now.

2. Listen

We employ some of the most knowledgeable tour guides in the Karoo… and it’s for your benefit. Remember our glorious wildlife are, for the most part, fully wild animals. Even our elephants, while habituated to people, are still proud, real animals. Your guides will help you make the very best of your experience here- so be sure to listen to them. Avoid loud noises or startling sounds to attract the animal’s attention, and try not to disturb fellow travellers, to ensure you have a safe, fun experience.

3. Think

Being an ethical tourist really needn't impact you heavily at all. You’ve seen already how small things- like tightening a tap- can have a massive knock-on effect on the land. The smallest of actions can have massive effects. Have you considered sharing your tour, or that drive out to the Karoo towns? Not only does this make for less emissions, pollution and waste, but you’ll have a richer, safer experience too- and make new friends too.It’s perfectly possible to have a fantastic experience of the Karoo and Buffelsdrift Game Reserve, and leave the land even better for our children. All it takes is a little forethought and a few small actions- from saving water to disposing of rubbish appropriately- to ensure this beautiful land continues to mesmerise our children for generations to come, with her gorgeous wildlife still roaming the sands. Are you joining team-Africa?! We’re proud to have you on our side, friend!With a little care, you can take home great memories without leaving a damaging traces behind. You and the land will enjoy the whole experience and have a richer, more exciting time.

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