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March 25, 2020

What is There To Do At Buffelsdrift?

A Buffelsdrift day is packed with activitiesA day on a safari game reserve like Buffelsdrift Game Lodge is one that will be packed with activity and adventure. We’re proud to offer you a host of exciting activities, suitable across a huge range of ages, to ensure you get only the very best from your time with us? Keen to know what your Buffelsdrift day could look like? Let’s take a peek!

Awaken in the African Bush

Mornings are prime game time, as tired predators return from the hunt (or finish the kill) and the bush wakes up. You’ll open your eyes while it’s still a little dark outside, but the songs of the birds are starting to call life back to the still bush. Sip a coffee to warm up, and then hop on for the first safari of the day. Perhaps it will be a traditional bush drive, or perhaps you’ll opt for a unique meerkat safari to learn more about these fascinating little animals.You’ll probably be peckish when you return, but never fear- a scrumptious breakfast will be awaiting you in the Buffelsdrift restaurant.

A morning with elephants

You’ll see the biggest members of the Buffelsdrift team strolling throughout the lodge, but the bright new morning is the perfect time to meet them personally- and even get a little down and dirty! We brush and feed our teenage elephant buds earlier in the morning, so a whole day of play and fun can be had. You’ll also have the incomparable chance to walk with them, and feed them a snack or two, if you wish.

Walking with predators

If you want to walk a little more on the wild side, there’s also our utterly unique lion experience. It’s not interactive, as with our elephants, as these are true wild animals, but you’ll have the chance to experience these apex predators like never before. From April 2020, we will also be opening up limited and super-special opportunities to view the cheetah pair that has been rehabilitated onto the reserve.

A day of fun in the sun

The beauty of the Buffelsdrift experience is that you can shape it to suit yourself. With a morning of exciting activities out of the way, you may choose to enjoy a day of simple relaxation around your luxury tented camps. Or kick it up a notch with some pampering at the Buffelsdrift spa. If you’re still keen to keep exploring, Oudtshoorn and its many attractions lie nearby. Your time is yours to do as you please, but don’t forget a scrumptious lunch- or your evening safari!

Explore the bush at night

An evening safari lets you see the magic of the bush from the other side, as the air cools and predators rise to begin their hunts. If you’re looking for something a little different, be sure to include a night safari experience, too. With the eerie night calls of the bush surrounding you, you’ll have the unparalleled chance to see Africa in a different night and meet some wild animals that don’t come out in the light. The Karoo is also a stargazer’s paradise with crisp, crystal-clear nights, so don’t forget to look up!A day at the Buffelsdrift Game Lodge is like a dream come true- it’s why we’re one of the best luxury safari lodges around, after all. The only question is, when will you be having your magical Buffelsdrift day?

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