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January 6, 2020

What to expect from the Buffelsdrift Bush?

The iconic bush safari is a can’t-miss for any visitor to a private game reserve. Karoo game lodges offer a different landscape of animals and plants alike to delight visitors, giving you a glimpse into a different side of Africa from the standard travel fare. Here’s just a smattering of the many wildlife encounters you could have on a Buffelsdrift Game Lodge safari.

Daylight Delights

There’s a lot more to the bush then just the iconic mammals. Any safari drive is rich in sightings little too large. It’s hard to miss the Buffelsdrift hippos, clustered around the watering hole mere metres from the restaurant, but you can expect to see much more on your journey, too. From giraffe and eland to zebra, buffalo and springbok, you’ll be staggered by your insight into life in the bush.

Experience the African night

When you picture a safari on a private game reserve, you’re probably flooding the scene with bright African sunshine. Did you know, however, that a nighttime safari experience can be just as rich and rewarding (if not more) as the daytime equivalent?After dark, the bush is a different place. Animal senses heighten. Predators stalk the bush. Faint rustles and strange calls ring out. It’s a true fight for survival as dusk and dawn predators hunt alongside their truly nocturnal companions. Here’s where the true drama of the bush plays out.Game spotting is a different beast at night, too. Your professional guide’s flashlight will pick out shining eyes in the bush. Shadows flash alongside the vehicle. Sound travels for miles across the crisp night air. This is the bush at its most secret and primal, and there’s a thrill of adrenaline in every night safari. Be sure not to miss your chance to see the bush in a whole different (lack of) light. A nocturnal safari should be part of everyone’s safari experience.Aardvark and the ultra-rare Aardwolf, Scrub Hare, the Fiery-necked Nightjar and many more unique nocturnal and crepuscular animals await your discovery- and you’ll get a unique chance to see the hippos in a whole new light, too, as they come to life to prowl the bush.Night or day, the wildlife experience at Buffelsdrift Game Lodge is an experience that will linger in your memory forever.

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