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January 8, 2022

2022 at the Buffelsdrift Foundation

As our long-term fans know, Buffelsdrift Game Lodge isn’t just one of the best Karoo game lodges, but we are also dedicated to bettering and enriching our beautiful country. Here’s a sneak peek at what has been going on with the Buffelsdrift Foundation through the last year, and how we are helping to shape the face of Africa for future generations

GPS Collars

We’ve spoken before about how critical the role of GPS tagging can be in conservation. GPS collars are fitted to key animals in the pack, herd, pride, or coalition. This enables scientists and conservationists to observe their natural movements completely non-intrusively. Not only does this contribute valuable data that helps us better understand their needs, but it also contributes to keeping them safe. With a collar in place, we know if they leave the reserve, and can ensure they remain safe from human predation. This year, we were able to collar our male cheetah, keeping them safer and helping us to learn more about these key members of the Big 5.Would you like to contribute? We will soon be hosting a critical fundraiser for the Buffelsdrift Foundation. The primary driver of this fundraising effort will be funding the tracking collars, alongside an exciting new work with springbok local to the area.

Elephants and Lions

Our local superstar elephant trio continues to thrive, acting as ambassadors to the public. Through our highly managed and ethical elephant interactions with our bottle-raised ellies, we’re able to help more and more people understand the magnificence of Africa’s diverse animal heritage, and why it’s so important to help it thrive.For all our wild-released lions cannot be approached in the same way, they continue to flourish on the reserve, and have grown to full adult magnificence. They remain a huge drawcard for visitors, accessible through our special carnivore camp setup that also helps protect them from poaching activities.

Vrederust School Project

Gone are the days when conservation was something that happened to local citizens, instead of involving them. It’s critical that both tourism and conservation don’t just work hand-in-hand, but that they also help enrich and contribute to the livelihoods of the people who live here. That’s why we’re also proud sponsors of grassroots change through our work with the Vrederust School Project. Despite the uncertainty of another year into the health crisis, we’ve helped ensure the local school’s daily needs- food, electricity, and gas- are met. Through education, community upliftment is possible, and we’re proud to be part of it.With a very successful 2021 under our belts, it’s time to look forward to a 2022 packed with the same. Are you keen to join in with the conservancy efforts at Buffelsdrift Game Lodge? Then our volunteer program might be perfect for you! Even if you simply want to enjoy the peace and relaxation of our luxury tented camps, however, a portion of all cash spent on the reserve helps support the foundation. We couldn’t do it without you!

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