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January 20, 2022

Buffelsdrift Keeps the Klein Karoo Blooming

Buffelsdrift Game Lodge is proud to actively give back to the beautiful environment around us through our ongoing work with the Buffelsdrift Foundation. While many people know about our key work with wildlife conservancy, did you know that habitat reconstruction is another key focus of the foundation? Let’s take a closer look.

Preserving Indigenous Habitats

Conserving Africa for future generations isn’t just about her remarkable animal heritage. Every species globally has adapted to fulfil a specific niche in the environment. Every single part of that environment- from the pollinators buzzing in the flowers, to the dung beetle gathering up waste, from the predators and prey to the grass and trees themselves- is critical. If even one tiny plant or insect disappears, it can wreak havoc throughout the entirety of the food chain.Yet many countries in Africa, South Africa included, have immense issues with invasive alien plants. Many of these arrive here due to our urges to have gardens that look a certain way, rather than gardens built around the naturally occurring plant life. Others come through imported food crops, or simply arrive by accident. This is partially why border controls are so strict about not carrying seeds when you cross borders! Yet many aliens get through anyway. When they escape into our wild habitats, they can change the landscape forever. In turn, this threatens the homes and food chains of our beautiful animals.

Removing Invasives

In 2021 the Buffelsdrift Foundation removed well over 156 tons of invasive, alien plants from the areas around our Karoo game reserve. But it’s not enough to just leave it there. It’s important to also introduce key species to the area. This encourages biodiversity, and helps correct the ecological balance.Did you know that spekboom isn’t just a native South African plant, however? It’s also an amazing resource for trapping carbon, helping to reduce the effect of CO2 emissions on the planet and clean up the air, too. That’s why we helped introduce more than 800 new spekbooms to the area, too.Last, but certainly not least, we have our brand new seedball project. This is a critical part of reshaping the local environment to a more biodiverse one, packed with natural indigenous plants. It’s also fun, too!Are you keen to learn more about how you can help Africa recover from the effects of alien plant invasion,? Why not learn more about our fascinating seedball project, and leave your own mark on this beautiful corner of the world? Buffelsdrift Game Lodge visitors have already sent over 3000 seedballs to their new homes. When will yours soon be one of them?

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