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Free-roaming Cheetah Experience

In April 2020, we introduced our South African cheetahs to our guests. After two years of being on the Reserve and being a part of our family, our cheetahs are now adapted and have relaxed in their new environment. We are aiming to create a platform to educate tourists about this predator in its natural environment.

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Bush Safaris

Here at Buffelsdrift Game Lodge, we offer Bush Safaris not only to our residents but to the public as well. “We call it Bush Safaris, as our guides are trained to not only educate our guests on our wide variety of animals, but also about our bird and plant species..”
– Andries van Schalkwyk | Director

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"Shy Five" Night Drive

At Buffelsdrift Game Lodge we offer night drives not only to our residents but to the public as well. A night drive is a safari that happens at night with the help of powerful spotlights to see the different animals. The two-hour night drive offers guest an opportunity to spot the elusive “Shy five” of Buffelsdrift Game Lodge – caracal, genet, porcupine, aardvark and aardwolf.

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Elephant Experiences

Our elephants come from circumstances that if we did not intervene they would not be alive today. We did not choose this life for them but we rather chose to give them the best possible life within our means with the best possible love and care. All our elephant excursions have a most informative educational approach.

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Meerkat Safaris

Join us daily at dawn to witness these incredible wild habituated creatures emerging out of their burrows, just in time to soak up the sun before they head about their daily activities. Meerkats are also referred to as the Suricate or in German as the Erdmännchen and are known to be part of the Mongoose family.

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Lion Experience

After two years of intensive research and preparation, we received three young lions in January 2017. The decision to move the three lions was based on the fact that the area on the Game Farm where they were born was very small and the area at Buffelsdrift Game Lodge was large and would be more suited.

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Heritage Nature Walk

Strap your boots and come experience an adventure that will allow you to use all your senses to connect deeper with the Little Karoo and its history. A 5km trail swirls past dramatic scenes of the famous red rock formations of the little Karoo.

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Activity Day Packages

Buffelsdrift Game Reserve have two packages available. Choose between a Bush Safari and Elephant Experience or Lion Feeding and Elephant Experience. All Packages include a Light Lunch.

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Oudtshoorn Activities

Discover places close to Buffelsdrift Game Lodge, South Africa.

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